Welcome Tiffany Hicks

Welcome Tiffany Hicks to CIC! She is a new member of the Call It Closed family! To say that she is excited to be embarking on this journey would be an understatement. Tiffany’s plan is to marry her 15 years of mortgage underwriting experience with her passion for all things real estate is a dream come true. She was born and raised in Jacksonville, Fl and has an amazing husband that she has shared the covenant of marriage with for 11 years. Tiffany also has 2 amazing little girls whom she just loves (yes, daddy is out-numbered)

Tiffany is honored to serve under Chad and Aprile’s leadership and alongside so many other talented agents.

It is her top priority to use all of her gifts and talents to assist in serving every family with the “white glove” experience and helping to welcome them home.

“I am Tiffany Hicks and I AM a proud Call It Closed Realtor!”

You can find her at tiffanyisyouragent@gmail.com


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