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My father moved our family to Reno NV in 1970 from Los Angeles California, I have live in Reno NV for 50 years. I know the Northern NV and Lake Tahoe real estate market exceptionally well, from residential, MF, MHPs,Industrial, and land acquisition. My 50 years of living in N. Nevada gives me local knowledge, expertise, and extensive local contacts, that are second to none! I have been Investing,and buying and selling real estate in N. NV since 1995, (25 yrs.) I have excellent communication skills, but more importantly I listen very carefully to my clients wants and needs, and work tirelessly, with honesty and integrity to meet and exceed my clients objectives and expectations. I go the extra mile always!. N. NV and the Lake Tahoe areas are booming , local and regional growth is unprecedented. Californians are moving to N. NV by the 10’s of thousands every year, driving the Nv real estate market to historical highs. This growth is projected to continue for decades to come.

It’s an exciting time in Nv, call, text, or email me anytime if you have any questions or want any additional information regarding Nv real estate.
I love to talk about all aspects of Nv real estate.

Scott services in NV.

You can contact him below:


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