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Welcome Sarah Hilton

Born and raised in New York City, I am a city girl to the core. Skyscrapers, concrete and the sounds of bustling crowds…they all feels like home to me. When I decided to move to the Charlotte area, it was because I was seeking a safe, diverse and affordable place to raise a family, while also having quick access to the city environment that was familiar to me.

As a real estate agent, my goal is to help you find what feels like home to you! Maybe, like me, it’s a city feel…but maybe it’s a home with lots of land, or a house right on the lake. Maybe you want to sell your starter home to build your dream home. Whatever it is, I’m here to help you reach that goal.

While finding a house to make a home is important, my singular focus is ensuring your investment is solid. Whether you are buying, selling or investing in the real estate market, I will work to make sure your financial investment is sound, and will serve you and your family well for years to come. I can’t wait to work with you!

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