Welcome Melissa Seanez

Melissa is a dedicated & motivated realtor in Los Angeles County & the surrounding area of Southern California. She is a strong advocate for equal housing opportunities & is ready to help anyone accomplish their real estate goals. Melissa is able to communicate with both English & Spanish speaking individuals & enjoys answering all questions tossed her way.

She believes every connection is in fact an investment, & realizes the extensive & fascinating commitment owning a home can truly be. Melissa is determined to obtain every clients maximum success, while working side by side to assure a positive outcome every single time.

Melissa counts on transparency & hard work. She aspires to leave a wide array of knowledge on everyone she encounters, with the purpose of creating new understandings of the real estate practice, while simultaneously fostering new opportunities for her client.

Melissa looks forward to speaking with you!


Melissa services Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

You can contact her below:



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