Welcome Larry Hernandez

I am a retired IT Systems Engineer. A fancy name for someone who worked on computers!
I have been a realtor for over 25 years. A broker for the last 10 years. I have had the pleasure of working with all types of real estate transactions from retail, wholesale, short sales, foreclosures, commercial, and now farm and ranch! I can’t get enough of it!
I am a native Texan and lived in the area all of my life. My wife and I recently moved out to the country to a little but growing rapidly town called Rosharon. It is about 25 minutes south of Houston’s medical center. I have 3 adult children, two of which are handicapped, and a 4-year-old 95 lb lab named Luna and yes she is spoiled by me! I love real estate and technology!
My family and I are members of Zion Lutheran Church in Pasadena and have been there for many years.

You can reach Larry at (281) 460-2182

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