Welcome Julianna Azucey

Lake Norman, Mooresville, Charlotte, and North Carolina overall are great places to live and work, which is why Julianna chose to call it home. With roots in Charlotte, NC, Julianna came to the Lake Norman area in November 2019 to continue to broaden her horizons. Real Estate is a passion of hers and with her background in sales, it is easy to see why it was a good fit.
Julianna just joined Call It Closed in October of 2022. She is enthusiastic and has high energy. Julianna is passionate about helping families find their next homes and helping individuals find the perfect fit for them. She previously did charity work and is looking to find a new way to help my community. She speaks both English and Spanish so she is more readily available to help a variety of people!
When Julianna is not working on Real Estate, she is always finding new ways to learn and grow in every way. She enjoys reading and hiking. Most of the time she is working on ways to bring her freedom so she can simply enjoy life with her friends and family.

You can find her at julianna.azuceyreynoso@callitclosed.com


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