Welcome Joel Benson

Born in a military family, Joel Benson learned from a young age how to adapt quickly. That skill has treated him well in his life. Joel has lived in many places, being born in Louisiana, growing up in Montana, attending college in North Dakota, growing his family in Alaska for 10 years, and most recently relocating to Florida. Adaptability continues to help him now in real estate. Even the best prepared agents encounter surprises in transactions, and how you respond to that hurdle is what defines who you are and how great you can be.

Joel has an amazing wife, three adorable children that makes their lives always an adventure. They have chosen to live their lives with passion and excitement in all areas. That energy flows throughout everything they do, whether it is walking the coastal trail, riding bikes in their neighborhood, or during their rousing family game nights. That energy carries into work life and keeps him motivated to be the best he can be. Life is too awesome and thrilling to be taken for granted. Take ahold of it and have an adventure!


Joel serves Naples and the surrounding areas.

You can contact him below:



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