Welcome Jessica Miller

Jessica is a Charlotte native with a passion for people and for North Carolina. Between being a mother, over 20 years of mission work in Central America, and several years in the service industry, she has built her life around serving others. Because of this, Real Estate came naturally to her, especially after growing up with investment savvy parents. It has been the perfect outlet for Jessica to live out my passion while having freedom to be there for her family and mission projects as well. Jessica has a strong gift for teaching and this draws in a lot of first time homebuyers, there is nothing more rewarding than helping them navigate the process with ease! She also loves using the Spanish that she learned growing up to help Spanish speaking clients. Jessica truly loves what she does and thrives on finding solutions to the many problems that can arise in a transaction. She takes great pride in putting her heart in what she does and forming lifelong relationships with all of her clients.
Jessica Miller

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