Welcome Brian Hammermeister

Brian has been in the real estate industry in Lee county for almost two decades. He specializes in training agents to sell homes at a high level through accountability and coaching. In todays real estate environment you have to be prepared to fight for your success. You must have the correct tools, training and direction. You need to be focused on what you want and go after it. Most agents don’t know where to begin, what they want to accomplish or how to get there. Brian and his staff will guide you through the process and make learning fun and profitable for you through real life scenerios and interactive coaching. “I believe less technology is needed to be a winner in real estate sales and we all need to get back to the basics of selling.” Brokers need to take a more active role in their agents successes and failures. They need to be there to help them throughout the transaction process.

Brian serves the SWFL region.



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